Our team sat down the other day and came up with our fall calendar. This year we are laser focusing on getting our midweek services the best they can be and having one big event a month attached to those services in hopes of creating an invite culture for our students. I’m pretty pumped for the fall schedule and thought I would share some of our ideas. I would love to hear what you all have going on as well!


  • Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall – This is our fall kick off for the year. We have a shortened service talking about the values of our ministry and then we are dismissing everyone to the party. We have a DJ, free Taco Man (unlimited tacos), a raffle which the grand prize is a Hershel backpack with an iPad mini inside, a talent show and fun instagram photo stations. This will be a great lunch to this new school year.


  • Let’s Make a Deal – The week of Halloween we are doing a Let’s Make a Deal game show after services. We will have everyone come dressed up (just like how they already do for the show and it’s Halloween so it works perfect) and have a 10 round game show set up in another room after services. We will have some great prizes and some not so great ones for the greedy. 


  • Fall Flannel Formal – This is something the ministry has done since before I got here but it’s a huge hit. Everyone comes dressed in their best flannels and there is a dance party and BBQ after services. Easy, simple, effective.


  • Christmas Party – It’s just like it sounds but we change up the ngight a little bit. We do service with round tables taking over the whole room, enjoy some great stories and some great food. As always, fun photo booths and delicious food will be involved. 

I’m excited for the fall. So much momentum builds over the next few months that will help carry over for the rest of the year. What are some of the events you have planned?