What makes a good story? What makes a story worth re-telling?

Everyone has a story. Every story is different. Every story is important. We want to look at how our student’s stories fit into the bigger story of God’s ultimate story. We need to know and understand how to share how God has changed our lives before we ever go out and tell others how God can change their lives as well. It’s our goal to help students know their story and look back on how God has changed their life and for them to share their story!

The moment we meet God and He enters our life, our story becomes a miracle because God starts working in our life immediately. It is a miracle because the God of the universe chooses to interact with us and our lives. That is a miracle in itself as far as I am concerned. We need to help students understand this.

Most of the time students do not share their faith or how Jesus has changed their lives is because 1) they are either too scared or 2) they do not know how to share it in a way that makes sense. We should want to help to overcome that fear and equip students to be able to effectively share how God has done some amazing things in their life.

We need to make sure students know:

  • It’s okay if they have not yet… for now! Not everyone who is a Christian has. They need to know that we want to help them come up with a way for them to tell how God has effected their life in a way that is effective and it flows nicely so it’s more like a conversation.
  • It is our joy, our calling, our purpose to share God’s story! A Christian who does not share Christ is like a basketball player who never passes! It’s just plain wrong!

The big question we need to understand when it comes to helping students go out to tell others about Christ is: How can we tell others of how Jesus can change their life is we do not know how to explain how Jesus changed our own life?

It is part of our calling as youth pastors/directors/workers to teach our students how to effectively share their story otherwise we are sending them out into the world ill-prepared and they will be discouraged. Teaching our students how to share their faith effectively will not only help bring others to Jesus, but will help them grow in their own faith as well.


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