This month, DYM brings you two resources to help your ministry hone leadership skills and find the right words to open up a dialogue about important and relevant issues. 

Read on to learn more.

1. Leaders are Servants

{{cta(‘aefccf42-9fa1-4a18-bedc-753ba1134c23′,’justifyleft’)}} DYM’s “Leaders are Servants” is a resource  designed to teach student leaders what true leadership is all about — selfless service. In this lesson plan, students will compare the leadership styles of King David and Uriah the Hittite, as well as discuss what a leader is, and what makes a good/bad leader. 

The main objective is for your student leaders to recognize that true biblical leadership is an act of service that we all can learn, teach, and practice in our everyday lives. Check it out here! 


2. Mental Illness Handbook

{{cta(‘5e647bf1-f3c9-44de-b54f-38c80e5e7816′,’justifyleft’)}} Mental illness is a loaded topic of discussion that most people avoid like the plague for fear of putting labels where they don’t belong. 

Here are a few sobering stats that you may not have heard before. Of kids between the ages of 13 and 18, a whopping 21% live with mental illness severe enough to cause significant impairment in their everyday lives. What’s worse, only 1 in 5 of these students  struggling  with a mental illness receives appropriate treatment.

Statistics can be hard to swallow at times , but you probably can think of a few of the different ways that students in your ministry might be dealing with mental issues right now.

Often times, we’re the ones who learn about these types of issues first, so we want to provide a tool that you can use to identify the signs of mental illness, as well as how and where to get the treatment these students need.

This tool could also be very useful if you want to offer it to parents to educate them further on this topic or offer support and direction for their son or daughter who may be struggling with a mental issue.

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