The first year of home ownership was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. My mortgage payment was huge compared to my rent. Every day it felt like something was breaking or in need of care. My head was spinning. Fortunately, I had a few handy friends who not only educated me on the ins and outs of home ownership, but how to fix a few things on my own. They helped me grow as a homeowner.

One of the most overwhelming experiences your teens will face is graduating high school and heading off into the world. Here they will face new relationships, temptations and responsibilities, and they’ll be doing it on their own.

One of your goals as a youth pastor is to equip this next generation to grow on their own. While it’s important to fill their heads with knowledge if you want to truly equip them for the next steps you need to help them:

  • Embrace Habitual Learning: Not everyone learns well from a text book, some need tangible application. Teaching your students habits might not cover every detail of information you want them to know; however, it will show them how to find it. While there might be a million habits you want to teach pick a few and help them master each one.
  • Focus On Relationships: If you help teens build relationships in your ministry you will give them a valuable life skill. As they go off into the world they’ll need to find people who will help them grow deeper. That means showing them relationships that are authentic and accountable. By building a support network outside of high school they can continue to grow deeper in their faith.
  • Give Them A Vision: Teens are often asked, “What they want to do?”; however, they are never asked, “Who do you feel God wants you to be?” The second question challenges someone to think about who God has created them to be. If a teenager discovers and embraces the vision God has destined for their life they will be motivated to do what it takes to reach it.

How will your teens fair once they leave the safety of your ministry? It’s a questions many youth pastor’s face and one that cannot be left unanswered. Create a vision for your ministry, equip them with the tools they need and show them relationships that will point them to Christ. The more you teach them to grow on their own, the more confidence they’ll have entering into the next season of life.

How do you equip teens to grow on their own?