I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and were talking about humility. Here’s where and why it showed up early in my life…and why it’s a daily struggle:

I was in 8th grade when I started taking God seriously. I looked around at all the things my friends were chasing, and none of them would last. Athletics, popularity, physical toughness, and even academics wouldn’t last. I knew that my soul would last forever, so I knew that taking care of it would be the best possible pursuit.

My second thought was that I needed to grow closer to God, through Jesus, since he created and loved me.

My next thought was something like this, “wow. I’ve figured out the most important think in the world, and most of my friends don’t even have a clue. yikes. most of the adults in the world don’t have a clue either.

My final thought was about humility. EASY. you’re not better than anyone. Everyone has the opportunity to make the same faith decisions… you need to be like Jesus, considering others better. looking not only to my interests but to their interests as well. (Phil 2). (when talking to myself, I switch back and forth between first and second person…it’s confusing, I know.)

No, these thoughts didn’t all happen in the same day…but they came early on, within a month or so.

No, these thoughts aren’t all pretty and admirable. I’m not writing this blog to gain respect, but to reveal the real journey I’ve taken and still visit…

how is humility personal to you?