If you don’t know what a DYM insider is, you probably aren’t one… YET! Basically it’s our inner circle of highly engaged, interested, raving, fun friends. Kind of like the disciple Jesus loved the most (see John 21:7) . 

When we have new ideas, cool limited offers from partners, or we need real time feedback, or we just feel lonely in our small office in Southern California we hit up our DYM insiders! Honestly, we’ve only done it about 4 times so far but we’ve got great feedback each time. 

With each new idea we’re looking for “early adopters” to test on (in a lab-rat type of way)… which usually means, IT’S FREE. You may have heard us playing around with DYMprint… well a few of our DYMinsiders got $500 worth of print materials for free simply by giving us feedback. 

If you are interested in being a DYM insider just text “intheloop” to 95577.