This month’s Member Mid Month Discount Download is Busy is the New Lazy by Jeremy Best, and you can get it for just a buck instead of $3. It is a perfect one off for youth group, or for when you get that call at 9pm on Saturday night that your pastor has diarrhea and you need to preach for him in the morning.  It’s a message that needs to be heard by every student in your youth group, and their parents as well!  So often, we busy ourselves with pointless things to avoid ever dealing with the important things. This sermon looks at the parable of the talents and how it applies to our use of time, pointing out that busy-ness can actually be a cover for spiritual laziness, or sloth.
Jeremy is a youth pastor at Faith Baptist Church in St Thomas, Ontario, and has some killer resources in the DYM store.  Be sure to check out his stuff, and give him a follow on social media at @jeremyjbest.