What’s your full name? Steven Michael Spence (but my mom is the only one who can call me by that name)
Where did you grow up? Dad was in the Air Force, so I haven’t had a “hometown.” (I’ve moved my stuff 26 times in my life-time)
Tell us about your church: New Vision Baptist Church, Murfreesboro TN.
What’s a nick name you’ve been given…but you hate. Why? Don’t really have a nickname?? Feeling a little deprived. 
What’s your favorite TV show from the 80’s? (If you are too young to remember the 80’s, pick A.L.F.) A-Team or McGuyver 
Computer or TV? TV
How old were you when you first felt called to ministry? The summer after my sophomore year in high school. Pretty clear calling… “Youth.” 
Would you rather kick a puppy or make a baby cry? Kick a puppy… on “accident” of course.
What’s a recent EPIC youth ministry mistake? Calling a student by the wrong name for a solid year!!! Using the phrase…”I’m not here to blow sunshine up your rear” on my first sunday as youth pastor.
Have you ever left a kid on an event/camp/retreat/missions trip/etc.? Have you ever wanted to? Nope! The king of head counts!! 
What do you enjoy doing outside of youth ministry? Love building barn wood furniture and playing golf.
Are you a good dancer? nope. hate it! even the cupid shuffle.
What color shoes are you wearing? grey tennis shoes…yes they have holes in them.
What’s the worst injury that’s happened on one of your event/camp/retreat/missions trip/etc.? seizure of a student on the bus headed to beach camp. wow! terrifying and stressful. And there was that time when I head the bucket for a student who was puking in the church van! yuck!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate ALL NIGHTERS? (1 = stab me in the eye and 10 = stab me in the eye with a spoon) 1. Hate’em and vowed never to do them again…even if a student begs or bribes me. NO WAY!
How good are you at keeping receipts? Does your church administrator love or hate you? I don’t handle my receipts any more! Praise God for my assistant who loves receipts. 
What would you do if you could be invisible for one day? Creepy question but… I would go to the zoo and pet the lions! 
Mac or PC? MAC!!! 
If you had a pet sloth, what would you name him/her? Petey
What is one of your irrational fears? I fear nothing irrational!! 
What is your favorite lunch meat? Ham. Is there anything else??