What’s your full name? Derry Cameron Prenkert

Where did you grow up? Wakarusa, Indiana

Tell us about your church: name, location, website.  Nappanee Missionary Church, Nappanee Indiana, www.nmconline.net  

What’s a nick name you’ve been given…but you hate. Why?  With the name Derry (pronounced Dairy) you can only imagine the amount of nicknames I’ve been given that I can’t stand.

What’s your favorite TV show from the 80’s? (If you are too young to remember the 80’s, pick A.L.F.) I loved Knight Rider


Computer or TV? Yes.

How old were you when you first felt called to ministry? 19.  My Freshmen year of College.  Sensed a clear burden to help students caught in religion to truly experience a relationship with Jesus. Crazy thing… I’ve spent the past 18 years ministering to students in the same religious community (church on every corner) as I grew up in.

Would you rather kick a puppy or make a baby cry? Make a puppy cry.

Have you ever left a kid on an event/camp/retreat/missions trip/etc.? No, but we left a leader who ran back for Starbucks on a pit stop.  Have you ever wanted to?  Too many times to count

What do you enjoy doing outside of youth ministry? I’m a Disney World nut.  Love planning and going on trips.

Are you a good dancer? So horrific I’m entertaining.  

What color shoes are you wearing?  Barefoot (I’m actually filling out this questionnaire naked… not really, but wouldn’t that be hilarious?!?)

What’s the worst injury that’s happened on one of your event/camp/retreat/missions trip/etc.?  At a Junior High Outreach, a student broke his arm in two different spots. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate ALL NIGHTERS? (1 = stab me in the eye and 10 = stab me in the eye with a spoon) 15

How good are you at keeping receipts? There have been multiple “rules” instituted because of me.

Does your church administrator love or hate you?  I was her youth pastor and my wife mentored her… she has to love me!

What would you do if you could be invisible for one day? Walk around our schools to see how students are living out their faith.

Mac or PC? Mac.

If you had a pet sloth, what would you name him/her? Proverbs 19:5 (Proverbs for short)

What is one of your irrational fears? Some would say my fear of clowns is irrational, but I find it completely rational.  A person who paints his face in order to play with little kids?  Call CPS!

What is your favorite lunch meat? Steak

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