From time to time we’re going to put the spotlight on the heroes behind DYM – the incrdible men and women that create the resources you’ve come to know and love on the site. We ask them some questions so you get to know them, understand their heart, laugh, and maybe be inspired enough to become an author on the site, too!

What’s your full name? David Michael Hughes

Where did you grow up? Orange County, California

Tell us about your church: name, location, website.
Village Church of Irvine. Small church located right between the two mega-churches in Orange County. I’ve been here for two years, and it’s been a great adventure. I grew up in a large church, so it’s been eye-opening to see things from a new perspective. There’s plenty of challenging days trying to get a youth ministry off the ground, but I’ve always felt like this is the church I would belong to even if there was no job and no money for me. I’m thinking maybe that’s the simple secret to longevity in youth ministry. I love my pastors and my church. 

And I want to be the best youth pastor in can be in this narrow window of time when teenagers still think my jokes are funny.  

What’s a nickname you’ve been given…but you hate. Why?
Little League. Nickname was turtle. You can figure that one out. 

What’s your favorite TV show from the 80’s? (If you are too young to remember the 80’s, pick A.L.F.)
Too young. A.L.F. 

How old were you when you first felt called to ministry?
I was 17 when I first served as a camp counselor for a jr. high summer camp. Thus began a 10 year journey of learning to hate rec games. 

Would you rather kick a puppy or make a baby cry?
Nobody wants to listen to a baby cry. This question has always just been too easy. Puppies are toys. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of youth ministry?
Surfing. Playing hockey. Waiting until the last minute to buy cheap tickets on stubhub to sporting events. I really love marketing strategies. 

What’s the worst injury that’s happened on one of your event/camp/retreat/missions trip/etc.?
Winter Camp 2014. 9th Grade student. Great kid. Arrived to camp at 4:00 PM. Free time. Skate park. Driving to the emergency room by 4:30 PM. Front tooth completely knocked out from a faceplant into the concrete.  

For myself personally, I jumped off the roof of a house we were building in Mexico in 7th grade. Forgot I was holding nails in my hand. Braced my fall when I realized the roof was a lot higher than I imagined. One of the nails went right through my left hand. 

What’s your position on infant baptism? Just kidding, nobody cares.
Way too mainstream. I’ve been pushing Prenatal baptism for years. Just wait. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate ALL NIGHTERS? (1 = stab me in the eye and 10 = stab me in the eye with a spoon)
I’ll take the spoon. But our church building is a 10 minute walk from Denny’s. We hop a couple fences (don’t worry about that part) and walk along the train tracks (shhhhh) at midnight to get some pancakes. It has a cool middle of America vibe. Not that I’ve been to the middle of America or anything. 

How good are you at keeping receipts? Does your church administrator love or hate you?
About a year ago I stopped keeping my receipts and downloaded a great app called OneReceipt that can keep track of everything for me. Next year I’m thinking about actually opening the app.  

If you had a pet sloth, what would you name him/her?
Vincent. I would name her Vincent. 

What is one of your irrational fears?
Scuba divers. I almost hit one while surfing a wave a few years ago. Terrifying. Aliens of the sea. They come to the surface out of nowhere, and we’re supposed to believe they are just returning from a little recreational dive? Nah nah nah. Somebody should be checking passports. 

What is your favorite lunch meat?