X90aQvhx_400x400What’s your full name? Andrew James Larsen

Where did you grow up? Safety Harbor, Florida
Tell us about your church: name, location, website. Faith Community Church, Seminole, FL faithrus.org
What’s a nickname you’ve been given…but you hate. Why? while interning at a Megachurch that shall not be named(it’s in Grapevine TX) I was dubbed “Corky,” after the the intellectually handicapped kid from Life Goes On. Most people would find the nickname offensive, but my wife who is a special ed teacher was not amused.
What’s your favorite TV show from the 80’s? (If you are too young to remember the 80’s, pick A.L.F.) Growing Pains and The A-Team
Computer or TV? TV, w/ my iPad on my lap
How old were you when you first felt called to ministry? 19, summer after freshman year
Would you rather kick a puppy or make a baby cry? Kick a puppy
What’s a recent EPIC youth ministry mistake? One of my students was venting about someone on twitter, I replied to the tweet asking if she wanted me to kill someone on her behalf, since no one would suspect me.  I didn’t realize that there were actual threats of violence in the conversation…my tweet was retweet 10 times by students I had never met siding with my student.  The tweet what’s since been removed, and an apology was issued to the student I inadvertently offered to murder.
Have you ever left a kid on an event/camp/retreat/missions trip/etc.? Have you ever wanted to? A few months ago our youth group went to Universal Studios, when it was time to leave we were missing a 15-year old boy…he was in the security office, busted for shoplifting souvenir key chains.
What do you enjoy doing outside of youth ministry? I am an avid Tampa Bay Rays fan, and attend way more games than I can afford to.  I have three little boys, and take them to any sporting event I can, especially to my alma mater Clearwater Christian College, where we are regularly the only fans in attendance. I love to spend as much time with my wife as possible.  The last time we had a babysitter we walked around Walmart for an hour.
Are you a good dancer? No.  I am a recovering fundamentalist.  Dancing could lead to sex, which may lead to mixed swimming.
What color shoes are you wearing? Barefoot, Florida, always barefoot.
What’s the worst injury that’s happened on one of your event/camp/retreat/missions trip/etc.? Several concussions, a few broken arms.  My least favorite medical issues was two girls getting their first period on a camping trip 40 miles from the nearest gas station.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate ALL NIGHTERS? (1 = stab me in the eye and 10 = stab me in the eye with a spoon) 17
How good are you at keeping receipts? Does your church administrator love or hate you? Awful, we have a policy about how often receipt must be turned in because of me.  We’re working on our relationship…
What would you do if you could be invisible for one day? Hang out at the Denny’s I worked at in college.  I’d take a bite out of every Moons Over My Hammy, and trip spill food on the regulars who don’t tip.  
Mac or PC? I’m a Christian, Mac.  
If you had a pet sloth, what would you name him/her? Meshach.  My dog’s name was Shadrach.
What is one of your irrational fears? Airbags
What is your favorite lunch meat? Fresh roast beef, so fresh it has those weird pink shimmery parts.