If you died tomorrow… would someone continue your work?

Josh posted an intriguing blog last week noting the mot popular blogs of 2015. I was excited to see a specific post from Justin Knowles in the mix, a post titled, “It’s Okay for Youth Pastors to Not Hang Out with Students.” Don’t let the title mislead you; the article isn’t against connecting with young people. The article is simply imploring us… don’t do this alone!

It’s simple math for youth workers. We can spend 20 hours a week hanging out with kids (and another 40 doing all that other stuff we have to do just to keep afloat)… or… we can take that same 20 hours and spend just 10 hours a week hanging out with kids, and devote that other 10 hours to recruiting and developing a team of volunteers who will each hang out with kids 5 hours a week.

Get out your pencils and add it up.

On one half of the paper write “20 hours with kids weekly.”

On the other half write this:

  • my 10 hours with kids
  • plus 10 people each spending 5 hours with kids

Use a calculator if you must… it’s 60 hours with kids weekly.

The sad fact is, most youth workers I meet don’t spend any time weekly investing in recruiting and keeping their volunteer team. Just ask yourself: what are you doing this week to invest in duplicating yourself?

Who’s gonna continue your work?

If you’re Paul… who is your Timothy?

JONATHAN McKEE is the author of over a dozen books, including the brand new book, The Skinny on Volunteers, and has created heaps of great resources in the DYM store including the new game, Instant Instagram.