Who do you want to be to your team, volunteer staff and co-workers? Coming into a new spot everyone is wondering what type of person you are going to be? Are you going to be the talker? The idea person? The listener? The micro-manager?

I was chatting with my new supervisor, one of the executive pastors, and he said something in which really stuck out to me. I had a asked him, “What are some of the first things he would do if he were me starting this position?” He simply said, “Figure out what type of leader you want to be known as and be those things to your team.”

Meaning, if you want to be the person people go to for prayer, start to pray with and for the team right away. If you want to be the guy who does spiritual shepherding well, be that for your team. If you want to be the guy who is the “downer” (which no one wants to be) be that your first few months and people will know you by that.

Whether we are being intentional with doing these things or not, people are watching and seeing what type of leader you are. What type of leader do I want to be? I hope I can be one who listens, cares, and guide our people to reach those student who don’t know Christ. I hope and pray I can show my new team of staff and volunteers these things rather just talk about being those things.

What type of leader are you wanting people to see in you and are you showing symptoms of those things?