Are there obvious signs in your life when you’re approaching spiritual emptiness?

Over the years I’ve also learned to recognize the signs of my spiritual emptiness and attempt to change something before the consequences of the EMPTY light begin displaying.

For me, an approach toward E is first felt inwardly and makes a subtle gravitation toward a compartmentalized faith. I hate to admit it, but when I’m not feeling close with Jesus I can begin to make rationalizations for thoughts and actions that are distant from the heart of following Jesus. Attitudes and actions of the world become attractive and even seductive. When those thoughts begin to appear… I know I’m nearing E.

I don’t have a check-list like actions that I take, but I typically go thru these steps:

1. I recognize the signs of emptiness.
2. I grieve that I’ve allowed myself to be drained (not sure this is a great step, but I actually get sad at myself and beat my self-up)
3. I talk to Jesus and confess/repent
4. I report to someone safe in my life (share with Cathy or a trusted friend)

I’d love to learn from you…and in learning from you, help others!

Questions: (1) What are the signs in your life? (2) What do you do about them? If you’re willing, share your thoughts here.

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