Quite often I get email questions that I can’t answer and pass them on to the YouthMinistryGarage podcast, but occasionally I’ll post a question like the one below.

Can you help this youth worker? Know of any church that is doing this?

Context: We are a big, downtown church that has had a tradition of having a youth ministry that is both building-centered and youth staff-centered.

Realization: That casting many small nets of ministry, instead of one/large programatic net have proven to be more fruitful.

Dream: To have smaller youth ministries all over the city, on various nights, with various “personalities,” etc. Each group would learn, serve, laugh, worship in these smaller groups across the city, while we would slowly disband the big-group stuff downtown… as it is losing steam. This new way of thinking allows us to really equip our current volunteers, bring more parents into the picture, and we hope friends would feel more safe going to one of these groups than they do our “big brick castle.”

Question: Who is doing this type of youth ministry? We’re looking for models, conversations, and the ability to learn from others. Who is doing it? Share it here.

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