It’s the question that we need to know when it comes to our ministries…

What is the end to your means in your program?

Where do you want your students to end up? What is the goal for them? Where would you like them to be?

For example, we have a mid-week program. We have junior high and high school students that come to our campus every Wednesday night for their service where they can hear the Gospel of Jesus, be in community, and be at a place where they can invite people to be a part of it all. We do events after services, we go to summer camp and we go into schools to be a part of student’s lives. We have leaders that come and hang out and create relationships with students, who take them out, who spend time with them and who choose to hang out with them.

But all of these things are not why we do what we do. All of these things are a means to end. Our end, our goal, one of the main ways we will measure success is small groups. We do all of the things we do so students can get into a small group of students, with a caring adult leader, studying Scripture and talking about life. For me, this is where discipleship happens at its best. We are not shy about our end. We tell students up front, this is where we want you to be. I’m excited for this year because we launched a small group program and I’m excited to have an “end” to our “means”.

So do you know what you are shooting for students? If you don’t, how do you know if you are being successful or not? How do you know you are reaching your goals? Its something we all need to know in our ministries. Everyone might have a different “end” for their ministry, but the important part is knowing where you are wanting to go.

What are the means to the end?

What is the end? What is the goal of your program?