Every youth pastor wants volunteers, but can every youth pastor lead those volunteers?  As the youth pastor you are not only responsible for leading the next generation, but leading those who serve alongside of you.  In fact leadership is a responsibility that God expects us to take seriously and not misuse.  To be a leader worth following you need to make sure you:


A leader without vision is like the blind leading the blind.  With no direction you’ll only frustrate your team and leave them wondering, “Why am I doing this?”  When people lose their sense of purpose they lose interest and eventually walk away.

Make sure you are constantly evaluating your vision.  You can do that by spending time in prayer and reflecting with your team.  Help them understand the purpose of your ministry and know why it actually exists.  


While you are the leader it’s important to remember that your ministry doesn’t exist for you.  It exists to glorify God, love others and form disciples.  While you are a a leader you are also a servant.  To help you form a humble mindset:

  • Spend time developing your prayer life.
  • Distribute praise and own the blame.
  • Surround yourself with other leaders.

The more you embrace you humility the more you’ll be a leader worth following.  People will see that you are invested in something greater than yourself.  You’ll be able to show them God’s vision.


Your team is your family.  They will support you and work hard for you constantly.  Never take for granted their sacrifice and hard work.  Invest in them with the same intensity you invest in the teenagers.  If they feel valued they will give back even more.

Never hesitate to tell them that they matter.  Find ways to thank their families for the sacrifice they make.  The more you pour into them the more they’ll pour into the teens, each other and the entire church.  A team that feels loved will be loyal and work hard. 


You are never done growing.  In fact you need to constantly look at ways to grow in your spirituality and knowledge as a leader.  Make sure you are:

  • Reading books that will help you grow.
  • Attending conferences and workshops.
  • Meeting with other leaders in your area and field.

The more you grow the stronger and more confident you will be.  Leaders are learners and they know that they are never done growing.

Are you a leader worth following?  That really depends on whether you are looking to always improve and grow.  Ask those you trust and love to evaluate your leadership.  Spend time in prayer and don’t be afraid to change.