How much time do we put into prepping a message for our ministry? We spend time studying, we spend time thinking about it, we spend time going over every word to make sure we as a communicator will be able to articulate everything we are saying so that others understand. We lay it all out for the parents and students to know about events, we plan ahead, we spend time prepping messages so it is as clear as can possibly be.

Why is it that sometimes when it comes to communicating effectively and clearly to the people in our family and friends we do not seem to put in that same amount of effort. I hate I sometimes spend so much time prepping to communicate well to my ministry and fail to communicate well to the ones I love. 

 These are all questions we need to ask ourselves:

Am I as good of a student pastor as I am a husband or wife? Am I as intentional in my communication as I am with my students as I am with my family?

I feel sometimes I am really good, yet some days I feel like I am awful with it. The biggest thing is making sure we are are aware of it, that we are intentional about it and we correct it when we see it. What is the purpose of communicating well to our congregation for a living when we fail to do so to the ones we love? We hear it all the time, “Family is your first ministry” and we need to make sure we are intentional in communicating with them as we are our own ministries.

It’s a simple but important question everyone in ministry needs to ask.{{cta(‘b77aa3d5-c1a7-4c16-aa49-66abab2dac66’)}}