(typed on my phone at practice, so forgive the typos and such)

My oldest, Max (8), was disappointed with some things at school today. Here’s what I’d tell him when he’s older and if he wanted to hear it:

1. It’s ok. Admit it and accept it and don’t let it become a source of shame, regret, or anger. Scripture is filled with people who were disappointed. Everyone hopes, therefore everyone will be dissapointed.

2. Share it. Dont bottle it up. Don’t carry the load alone. Tell it to God and tell it to another person. God isn’t shocked, he’s not afraid, and he won’t get angry. If you don’t have someone safe to share with, then you have big problems to attend to. You have bigger problems if you’re not talking to God. We need the release that comes from sharing.

3. Examine it: is your dissapointment legitimate? Scriptue and wisdom are your guide. If you have the right, identify how you might specifically surrender and trust and wait in God. If you do not have the right, fix your thoughts. Set your mind on things above, set your hope upon the Lord.

Is it this simple? Yea, it really is, but it will NEVER, EVER feel like it.