The Coloradoan has a new article this afternoon about growing pains for GROUP in Colorado. Here’s a clip of the article :

“This is the first major reorganization we have done in 10 years. We’re ready now to move ahead and continue our record of growth and accomplishment of our mission of serving churches,” Schultz said.

The company historically has received local attention for its reputation as a friendly place to work. Some co-workers of former employees are going through a mourning period of seeing friends leave the company, Schultz said. But a new excitement is brewing about the future of the company and employees’ roles in it.

“The top leadership of the company feels this is a natural progression of our growth,” Schultz said. “Now we have little companies within the larger company, which will have the responsibility and authority to carry out their dreams to serve their customers.”

Group employee roles and responsibilities are changing. New and remaining employees will be grouped into eight new sectors, ranging from youth ministry to periodicals.

Each sector will have staff members who fulfill multiple roles doing development work, production work, marketing and sales. Previously, business functions were in separate departments. “This new structure will give each unit the functions and people it needs to make decisions, create great products and services for our customers,” said Schultz. “And we’ll be able to jump on new opportunities.”