I love my friend Walt Mueller (President of CPYU.org)! He’s smart, fun to be with, loves Jesus and has a passion to serve youth workers. He came into town to help Jim Burns and myself with a youth ministry project we’re filming. I asked Walt if he’d be willing to teach a Bible study for the 9th graders who meet at my house on Wednesday nights. He agreed… and did a great job! Here’s what he wrote about his experience:

Last night I had a front-row seat at the Fields’ house as I watched Doug & Cathy… interact with their combined freshman small groups. What a hoot! Great kids… What was especially fun was realizing that none of these kids has a clue that Doug has a life beyond their little small group. He’s just Doug, the small group leader. I was there as Walt, the friend of Doug and Cathy the small group leaders…. I bantered back and forth with the students about integrating their faith into all of life, particularly in the area of their media choices. We talked about asking good questions of advertising, and about taking those 3-D steps with all of their media. . . you know. . . Discover, Discern, Decide. For me, it was engaging and fun.

[to read the entirety from Walt’s blog, click here]

I mention this because Walt has created a few resources that are really helpful to youth workers. They’re great! I got to see them in action with our 9th grade small group who really connected with his 3-D material.
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After Walt and I did the filming (that he was in town for) we were treated to a video that a friend of mine made for last year’s 8th Letter Conference in Toronto. The task was to communicate what the 8th letter to the churches in Revelation might have looked like in today’s language/culture. It was fun to watch Walt (Mr. Culture Expert) drool over the creativity of using culture to communicate God’s message. It is a strong display of mixing culture and message. It’s 8 minutes of non-stop creativity…with a message. [Thanks to Jason Pearson for sharing it with us]

How do you teach teenagers to engage with culture?
How do you help parents better understand today’s youth culture? [Want to help parents? Check out Walt’s new book on 99 Thoughts All Parents Should Know] .