“The line” is such an important thing to keep in mind. Comedy has gotten darker and more risky over the last few years which means that many youth pastors have an ongoing question in their minds, “How can I stay relevant without crossing the line?” I’ve had a ton of friends forget to ask themselves that question and ultimately, it cost many of them their jobs. It’s hard to say specifically, “This is where the line is,” because it changes from church to church. But as you think about where yours is, keep these things in mind:

Use your head. If you have to ask yourself, “Is this crossing the line?” then it probably is. If you know that you don’t have the best judgment, then make sure you ask someone you trust before you show a controversial video or post a questionable graphic.

Be sensitive. NEVER make any jokes about rape, disabilities, depression, homosexuality, abuse, etc. Your jokes can easily alienate you from a student struggling with very real and tough things. There is no way that a student wants to talk to you about struggling with same-sex attraction when you just made a joke about gay people.

Know your church. Sometimes, the things students find funny and the things that the elders and parents at your church find funny don’t line up. While it can be a pain when we think that some of the people at your church “don’t get youth ministry,” really try to pick your battles. Is your joke worth the parent phone call or the stern meeting with your senior pastor?

What tips would you suggest?