Tonight is our college ministry fall kick off. We are expecting hundreds of college/young adults to come together and enjoy a great service, free food, human bowling and a dance party to kick off the school year. Our college pastor, Rachel, is what I call “The Queen of Community”. She is the mastoer of getting people to meet each other and start conversations with random people without it being weird. It’s mostly because she is very welcoming herself. Tonight we are having a little fun to get people up and moving, laughing and feeling a little more comfortable around each other. 

We sat down and bust this out with some help from some Periscope friends and I thought I would share the fun, get to know the people who your sitting next to game and some of the ridiculous we came up with. We have some random prizes (pencil bouquet, high lighter pack, pumkin lover package consisting of a pumpkin spice late, pumpkin bread and an actual pumpkin, etc) to give out and it will be a great segway into our greeting time. Enjoy!

1. Stand up if you have already missed a class. 

2. Stand up if you are concerned with the amount of songs out by Fetty Wap.

3. Stand up if you have spent more than ten minutes this week on the Snapchat update, making yourself vomit rainbows, exploding heart eyes, etc.

4. Put your hand in the air and wave if you have been on snapchat in the past 20 minutes.

5. Stand up if you don’t brush your teeth before your earliest class, and instead chew gum. 

6. Stand on your chair if you really love all things pumpkin. We want to see you!

7. Stand up and hang your head down if your parents still do your laundry. 

8. Stand up if you have ever peed your pants.

9. Stand up if you have a tattoo that we cannot see. Sit down if your parents don’t know. oooohhhhh.

10. Sit down on the edge of your seat and cover your face if you watched the most recent “Keeping up with the Kardashians” episode.

11. Stand up if you have ever taken a selfie with your starbucks cup, at any season of the year. Holiday Red cups apply.

12. Stand up if you are single, and use a finger gun to shoot people around you!

13. Stand up and punch the air in front of you if you Have you spent more money on Starbucks than actual food this week. 

14. If you have already fallen asleep in the library sit on the ground.

15. Stand up if you have you already facebook stalked the cute girl/guy in class. Sit down if you have already accidentally liked one of their photos. 

16. Stand up if you have already lost a syllabus/Have already asked for an extension. 

17. Stand up if you have worn your jeans more than four times before washing them. 

18. Stand up with a sad face if your dorm microwave is disgusting.

19. Stand on your chair if you wear cool glasses that don’t have any prescriptions in them, but man you look good in them. 

20. Give everyone around you a ton of high fives if you are excited to be here tonight!