I tend to challenge the world around me a lot more than others. It’s second nature, so i fall into the regular assumption: everyone does this, right?

I’m a clarifier, a crucible, a crusader. When I’m comfortable, I do these things in increasing amounts. Unfortunately, I get comfortable quite easily.

As a clarifier, I often ask questions to get to the essence of a thing. I’m an objective observer, but I’m confused and want to get to the heart of the matter. Do you mean this, or do you mean that? How does it compare to this over here? This seems to contradict that. Tell me what you mean, what you want. Tell me what you don’t want.

As a crucible–that cup that withstands high temperature to change the object within–sometimes I’m for or against an idea. I think it needs to be tested and changed. It needs strengthening, or it needs to be broken and scrapped.

As a crusader, I’m convinced something isn’t good or it isn’t wise. I’ll stop at nearly nothing to make sure it doesn’t come to pass.

Of course, none of these are good friends of gentleness, this is my problem. Many people take things personally, that’s their problem, but really my problem if I ever hope to help them. Some people present an idea they don’t really believe in..they do so as a stepping stone to another idea or as a diversion to another idea. That’s tough for all of us.

Speaking of tough, this also wears on people. i was talking to a good friend last week about this. I said, I have the spiritual gift of jackass? I’d have an easier time at life if I didn’t care about that people said or did.

It’s all in the delivery … more gentleness, more respect, more truth in love …