My dad and mom are here this week to see the new baby, so we’re enjoying life together these few days together for sure. It’s one of the downsides to living so far away from family, but being together is always special.

Anyhow, Grandpa is famous for bringing crunchy Cheetos over to he house pratcially every day. The kids go crazy for them! Well, this morning while the kids were playing the 360, Austin needed to push the yellow button on the Xbox controller, but ALL of the buttons were yellow from the crusted cheese on his hands. Other things that are now yellow/orange in our house?

  • The banister going up the stairs
  • The remote control
  • The arm of the couch (OK, that one might have been me)
  • The car seats
  • Our dog Brody
  • Every lightswitch in the house

Thanks, Cheeto grandpa.