Sometimes the rut isn’t very deep, and we only need to make minor changes to get our spiritual life back on track. Everyone needs a spiritual growth game plan and that plan ought to have some variety. People approach structure and spontaneity differently…so I leave it to you to figure out how much planning and how much variety you need. Don’t forget you need both. If you’re in a rut, go for what you’re currently lacking. If you lack structure, add some. If you have lack variety, do something different.

Here are a bunch of different options to give you some ideas (this isn’t an exhaustive list, you’ll probably think of some things that are missing

>> JOURNALING – Making the time to write down your thoughts has TREMENDOUS power to help you grow. The words are never good enough to describe what you’re thinking and feeling, but they help make your mental life more specific and concrete. In this you can reflect openly and examine honestly what God is doing in your life.

write about a meaningful passage or verse…explore
write about your life, examining your deeds, words, and thoughts
write out your prayers, this can help you stay focused in prayer
write out major life lessons and reread them periodically to remember what God has taught you in the past

>> THINKING – Staying focused for an extended time is hard for everyone, but the benefits are real: what we think about determines who we are (See Romans 12:1-2).

Meditate on a single verse or phrase, turning it over and over to consider what it means.
Memorize a scripture that is especially meaningful and personal. This change the way you think and give you power when tempted.


>> PRAYER – Every relationship is improved by talking, and prayer is nothing more than simple communication with God

make a new prayer commitment: set an attainable time goal to pray, choose something that’s a little bit more than what your current habit.
pray out loud: this may feel a little awkward, but saying the words can help created a deeper focus.
Say nothing, and just listen. This is tough, it’s hard to “keep yer mouth shut.”
Confess your guilt, forgiveness is ESSENTIAL to grow spiritually, and God wants us to ask him specifically for grace.
Kneel while you pray, approaching God in humility does wonders for a heart.
Sing a favorite praise song.


>> READING – God’s Word is the best way to learn about him and who he’s made us to become. All believers have the Holy Spirit who will teach us as we take time to be with God.

Read a large portion of Scripture (two chapters or more) to get general ideas and thought flow
Read a small portion of scripture and carefully digest each verse
Occasionally make the time to read an entire book of scripture
Read a devotional book
Do deeper study and read some Biblical study reference materials


One last thing: location is important: it’s good to have a consistent place where you can easily retreat to be with God and free from distractions. It’s also good to have some special places (like a beach or a
park) where you can enjoy God’s creation.