Ickthoose just sent me a note letting me know that you should watch FOX News this weekend. Apparently there’s quite a show on Pastor Rick soon. Here’s a clip:

He’s an evangelical superstar. His runaway best seller has transformed lives. But can Rick Warren’s message change hell-on-Earth or has he bitten off more than he can chew?

This weekend, join host David Asman for a FOX News exclusive: “Purpose Driven Life: Can Rick Warren Change the World?”

We’ll show you how Pastor Warren became one of the most influential religious leaders in America and built one of the largest evangelical churches in the
nation. We’ll explore how he’s transformed the lives of his readers by telling them to follow the plan God had for them. And, we’ll examine how Warren’s wife convinced him to acknowledge that God had an even bigger plan for him: Can “A Purpose Driven Life” turn a battered people into a purpose driven nation?

FOX News had exclusive access as Warren set out to slay what he calls the global giants of disease, poverty, illiteracy and spiritual emptiness in a place where he’d easily find them: Rwanda.