Who doesn’t NEED and LOVE a great holiday game?! Here are 3 games perfect to plug and play in a matter of minutes. Grab them and use them while you still can… your advent calendar chocolates are almost all gone! January 1 will be here before you know it.


1. Can You Find The Reindeer?


 A holiday twist on the classic “Where’s Waldo?” this game can be played with individuals or as a team. The easiest way to get teams involved is to use a projector screen to display the image and have one person from each team stand up at a time. Give each of the “finders” a laser pointer to point out the reindeer as soon as they spot it! Whichever team finds the reindeer first gets point for their team. It’s a great game for all ages and you can make it more challenging by putting a time limit on each picture!

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2. Can You Guess The Present?


This game is designed to get your students thinking creatively and asking questions about an unknown object. The idea is that participants are shown a wrapped gift and as a team, a single contestant, or as a crowd, and they try to guess what the gift is. This game also provides a learning opportunity to explain who we are on the inside should not be a secret or be covered by “wrapping”, but that it should be obvious and visible to all.

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3. Naughty Or Nice?


 This is an interactive game that will for sure get the crowd involved. Players are shown a picture of a celebrity and then have to decide if they are on Santa’s naught list (if they were say, arrested) or nice list (if they gave to charities) in 2015.

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All these games come with complete instructions, materials, variations to play them, and lessons that can be incorporated into each of them!

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