Enjoyed some time with friends this week, eating breakfast. That actually doesn’t happen too much, I much prefer Lunch B or C to Breakfast A – but alas, the time crunch was such this week that we needed to meet up at the crack of dawn. Turns out good things can happen before 9AM, which surprised me.

Breakfast ThursdayKevin recently finished up his time on staff at Saddleback Church and is searching for what God has next for him. Enjoyed some French toast at Ono Ono and talked about his search for a new youth ministry and/or the possibility of church planting. Great guy, if you’re looking for someone, he’s a dude.

Breafast FridayAndy has to give a panel presentation next week on the future of email and ecommerce in the next 5-10 years. We kinda chilled at Cinammon Productions to think about what’s next doing business on the internet. Good times.