Box of Lies

Let’s face it, Jimmy Fallon is one of the best youth pastors that never was. This guy is brilliant. If you are looking for a great game for your youth group, look no further than his show.

A few weeks ago, we played one of his games called, Box of Lies and it killed! Our students had so much fun with it! It is such a fun and memorable game… perfect for any “big” service (a Fall Kick-Off, a Promotion Week, etc.).

Here is a video of Jimmy playing the game with Kate Hudson:

To play this, you need to have a killer host… or a least someone who will have a ton of fun with it! It is a great opportunity for you (or a volunteer) to show off your personality and make memories with your group. In order to make it just a little more engaging for the audience, we didn’t show them what the object was inside, so that they could be guessing too.


A few of the objects that we did were:

-Barbie leg in a mousetrap

-Bedazzled Goldfish carton

-Live Lizard

-Sandwich with wet cat food in the middle

-Turkey baster filled with pictures of Justin Bieber

Have you played a Jimmy Fallon game? Which one did you do?