raising your kidsDave Stone has written an easy to read, encouraging book for parents on how to raise their kids so that they may come to love the Lord. Filled with practical wisdom and loads of experiences from the author’s own life, Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord inspires parents to be very intentional about influencing their kids in their faith.

Here are a few topics Dave Stone discusses:

  • Being intentional instead of hoping for the best
  • The importance of direct, un-delayed obedience
  • Prayer
  • Using the Bible around and with your kids
  • Modeling Christ
  • The special role of a mom
  • The special role of a dad
  • Finding others to help you carry the load

I think this book is most suited for parents who are relatively new in their faith, are struggling with it or with parenting or who haven’t read much on this topic. Parents who have read more (for instance Sticky Faith) or who have grown up in a loving Christian home themselves may find the advice rather basic. I mean it’s all true and good, but it does stay somewhat on the surface.

It is very inspiring and encouraging however, so it may serve as a great gift to parents in your youth ministry.

p.s. I received this book as part of the Booksneeze program in exchange for an honest review.