Years ago at the Student Leadership Conference, I met a teenage boy by the name of Zach Hunter. He was on tour promoting his Loose Change for Loose Chains campaign at the same time he was a spokesperson for the movie Amazing Grace. At 16, he was articulate and passionate about injustice.

When I saw his new book Chivalry, I was a bit taken back by the title until I read the subtitle which states, “The quest for a personal code of honor in an unjust world.” This book isn’t just for guys and it is made really clear in the opening pages of the book. From the very beginning Zach invites students into a bigger conversation about what it means to be people who love and people who choose honor, mercy and selflessness instead of the world’s ways.

This book would be great in the hands of any high school student. Zach is able as a young person to identify with the struggles and desires of teens. While he is relatable, he is also challenging students to a different level of growth. Each chapter is a commitment to a code of chivalry. These range from commitments to community to the commitment to practice self-control and selflessness. Each chapter is filled with passages from God’s word that reinforce the code.

Another bonus, is that he points to students to other voices of faith. He quotes from C.S. Lewis, Cornel West, Annie Dillard, John M. Perkins…the list goes on. I love students being exposed to such a wide range of Christians.

I am planning on giving my copy to a student this week! Check it out here.