Today is a very fun day for me! My new bookstore is open! Yahool!

1. Serve my youth ministry friends.

2. Have the cheapest prices anywhere.

3. Give a FREE book away with every order.

That’s it…pretty simple.

I can sell them cheaper than anyone else because:

…..I can pass on my author’s discount to you.
………….I don’t have a staff and/or overhead (we ship out of my garage)

I plan to add more books and FREE resources soon, but for now, you can check out the different categories of what I’ve got to offer.

I know you’ve got many other choices for where to get your resources and I’m thankful that you’d consider supporting by buying here.

More to come!

Really appreciate all the hard work and incredible “web services” from Adam at The Youth Cartel. He did an amazing job with the implementation of the store and all the different creative elements. Thanks Adam…I’m excited for all you and Marko are going to be doing in the near future.

Summary: (1) Store is open. (2) Best prices anywhere. (3) FREE book with every order. (4) Thanks for your support.

Best seller: The One Minute Bible for Students (retail $14.99)… only $8.99