The Kennebec Journal has a new article today on bi-vocational pastors, which makes me appreciate these men and women with great hearts. I’ve known many and they are folks who just seem to sure “get it.” If you are reading this and fit into this category, know that it’s an honor to share the same profession with you. Here’s an excerpt from the start of the piece:

Part-time pastors who also have full-time jobs certainly don’t minister for the money.

They refer to their pastoring as a life’s calling, something they feel drawn to do. And something in which they find immense fulfillment.

“It’s really rewarding and I’m really blessed, being able to do it,” says Jon Olson, pastor of the North Wayne Baptist Church.

For 25 years Olson has worked as executive director of the Maine Farm Bureau. He said ministering in a small, rural church works well with his Farm Bureau job, since he deals with rural people in each.

“It’s really my expertise,” he said.

Olson and others who work full time and serve churches part time refer to their dual duties as “bi-vocational ministering.”