Gears of War.

It easily eclipses any other game there by a mile. And dare I say it, at the risk of video game blasphemy, I’m more excited about this title than Halo 3. I know that it’s early in Halo’s life and late in Gears’ development cycle, but this thing is so stinkin’ awesome you’ve absolutely got to see it to believe it.

Or, you could take the other route. Refuse to see anything about it until September, just believe the hype. Believe that it is THAT good and take it all in on Emergence Day 2006 in the purest form. Wow, from meeting the designer of the game (CliffyB) today to seeing the entire first level twice, I’m sincerely blown away.

After that 15-minute demo we moved up to the media-only section of the massive 360 booth, where we got to witness 16 player multiplayer mayhem. Absolutely amazing. Great control, incredible design, stunning graphics and fantastic sound. In fact, some parts of it were SO good I seriously thought it was a prerendered movie. The designer made sure muiltiple times that HE was controlling it in real time and I have to tell him thanks for the assurance because I was fooled.

Gang, this is it and the 360 is the system. With this title this fall plus other notable titles I’ll mention in the next post that stood out at E3, you’ve got to get in on this. Wow.