You can be bossy. It’s actually easy to do. Telling people what to do is really easy. Do this. Do that. Send this. Edit that. Not saying this is a bad thing at all. Sometimes things need to get done and people need to do things. I think there is a point where our ministries will hit a glass ceiling of growth because our team of volunteers will just feel like they are completing tasks for the ministry. It can be a really easy way for someone to jump in the ministry and get acquainted with it. There comes a point where that volunteer or intern will want something more. They want more just just involvement, they want ownership.

Telling people what to do is easy. Inspiring people to catch the vision and move forward with passion is the ultimate goal of a leader.

When they ask for more, we miss a huge opportunity to move our ministries forward. At that moment we don’t gain an extra set of hands to accomplish tasks, but we gain another heart that bleeds for the ministry like we do. We get the opportunity to duplicate ourselves. Isn’t that the point of making disciples? Duplicating ourselves? When people catch the vision of your ministry, let them go. they want to make a lasting impact on the group, just like you do.

So how do you do that?

  • Don’t assume anything – They don’t want to do that. They won’t want to do that. Don’t say their no for them. If they have the vision, they want to do more and make a lasting kingdom impact. Don’t assume anything.
  • Ask them – Ask them how they are doing. Ask them if they are feeling utilized in what they are doing. Ask them what would get them excited and then actually give them room to run with it.
  • Set them up well – It’s one thing to talk with them about it. But meet with them and come up with a game plan. Help them flesh out whatever it is and give them the proper tools and people to help them carry it out.
  • Pray for them constantly – Let them know you are praying for them. Encourage them to pray for God’s blessing on it. Pray it hot. 
  • Follow up – Many people forget to follow up. I do. I’m really good at launching something but not good on the maintaining part. Follow up, talk about it and repeat all these steps.

    When volunteers/interns catch fire of the vision and they feel supported, they can do some great damage, in a good way.