How much does a youth space matter? We like to think it doesn’t matter as much as the curriculum or relationships.  But, the truth is that it matters a lot.


Your space and environments dictate the mood of your audience. It impacts how people engage the experience.  The good news is you don’t need a big budget for an irresistible environment. You just need to:


If a restaurant were filthy you wouldn’t go back or recommend it to a friend.  The same goes with your youth space.  If it’s dirty teens are going to feel uncomfortable. 

Treat your youth space like it’s your home. Each week you are inviting people to engage in something personal.  If they see something disorganized they are going to assume the same about you.


If the budget is tight that means each purchase matters.  Do the research before you make a purchase.  Be patient and find the best deal.

Invest in quality.  That might mean spending slightly more so that something will last. That’s okay because building the ideal space can take time.


You can’t create an irresistible environment on your own.  In fact what you consider irresistible might be plain old ugly.  To know what your audience needs ask others to share the burden.

Ask professionals (i.e. home stagers or decorators) in your church to help you out. They’ll know how to make moves that are significant that won’t drain the budget.

Creating an irresistible environment doesn’t have to break the bank.  It just takes some intention and creativity.  In the end your space will be a place where teens can engage and grow.

What are some steps you’ve taken to create an irresistible environment in your ministry?