I like this simple prayer guide we’ve used in the past to give out to our volunteers when school starts in the fall – if you can use it, please do!

Back to School…
Ahhh … the smell of new pencils and notebooks now fills the air as students head back to school. These are our students – the students we love and care for on a weekly basis. Each one of them is feeling mixed emotions of excitement and stress as they start a brand new year of school.

Take a minute TODAY to pray for them:

Pray for the Freshmen: They are entering brand new territory and have quickly gone from the top to the bottom. They have four years of high school to begin finding themselves and to grow closer to God.

Pray for the Sophomores: No longer freshmen they are feeling a little more confident, however they are growing up quickly and a lot of new things and challenges are being thrown their way.

Pray for the Juniors: They are entering their hardest year of high school academically.

Pray for the Seniors: They have big decisions to make – and they have a lot of people putting pressure on them to make the right ones.

Pray for all of our students to have the perfect mixture of boldness and meekness so they can win their friends to Christ.


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