This is an interesting idea – taking your students for a field trip of prayer to local schools and prepare them for the impact they could have during the school year. Might make a good illustration or video if you’re doing a “back to school” type of series.

It’s easy to be strong among one’s own. After all, there’s strength in numbers. Keeping one’s ideals and values is more challenging in another environment, particularly among peers.

The New Life Vineyard youth group last week practiced taking a stand at school. Teens loaded onto the church’s metallic purple bus and traveled to high schools throughout the county Wednesday.

Jim Benson, youth pastor, said participants prayed for teens at the schools, administrators and teachers. They want to be bold Christian teens who witness in their schools, he said.

“It was an opportunity to help the teenagers feel they are part of something to make a difference at the school,” Benson said.