In youth ministry … you’re often times stuck in the middle of a decision someone else made. So when a decision comes down from above you didn’t have a voice in and ultimately have no control over, know that apathy is always the easier choice:

  • It is easier to think critically about the leader’s motives than consider that he/she has a bigger view of the situation and is making the right call.
  • It is easier to think with arrogance that you know better rather than with humility they may be right.
  • It is easier to make a snide remark about the probable failure of the project than believe in something risky.
  • It is easier to be apathetic to the latest and greatest idea you didn’t have and can’t do anything about than it is to believe that one of these times these crazy ideas is going to turn up huge results.
  • It is easier to be outright negative when you’re looking for (or poking!) holes in the boat rather than paddling it forward.

Apathy is easier. You have been warned.