We were at Downtown Disney tonight after work, and stopped by the new Anne Geddes store there in the strip. This is the free part of Disneyland, in case you didn’t know. I’m cheap, what can I say? And if you don’t know who Anne is, she’s the lady who takes pictures of babies with weird flower arrangements and stuff. You gotta follow the link above if this is still hitting you funny. Anyhow, pretty cool stuff, Angela was excited about it and the kids were mesmerized by the gallery of babies.

While I was there, I handed Lexie a plant to see if I had the same magic that Anne does when she takes pictures. Apparently a) I do have that same magic, and b) just being in her studio made my camera-phone picture that much more awesome and my child even more beautiful than any normal situation.

I think I’ve got the gift. Thoughts?