Funny story today about a guy from Wired who took an internet vacation for 7 days. Good luck with that! Here’s a clip:

I recently took a vacation and, in a moment of deranged optimism, decided to take a vacation from the internet at the same time. I left my laptop behind and vowed not to access the web, my e-mail or any other facet of the Online Experience until I was back at home. The following is a diary of that experience, primitively scratched on a variety of wood pulp surfaces using graphite

Day 1: I’m having an astonishing day. Nobody has attempted to sell me Viagra in over 24 hours, nor have I been hit up for financial assistance by African royalty. On the train, I overheard a discussion of federal educational spending, and Hitler was not invoked even once. I think I could get used to this.

Day 2: Today went pretty well, except that at about noon I suddenly realized I didn’t know all the lyrics to the theme song to The Facts of Life. I spent a few seconds casting about for my laptop before I remembered my plan. I was forced to spend the afternoon humming “There’s a time you gotta go to show the crow you know the pro the slow plateau the FACTS OF LIFE!” This did not endear me to service workers and passersby.