Abnormalize. (verb) to make abnormal.

The last season of my life has crystallized the kind of impact I will make with my life and leadership:

Reckless abandonment to being different through inspiration, insight, and interruption.

The health of my soul is worth giving everything I’ve got. Half way won’t cut it. Not by a long shot. Everything is stacked against us loving God and becoming more like him. Anything less than reckless abandonment will fall short.This is the pursuit that happens at all costs, and when this happens, there is only one result.

Be different today, become something you never have been before. The world is filled with mimics and carbon copies. Zombies stuck in ruts and unchecked patterns. Empty husks falling short of God’s GLORIOUS INTENTIONS for our lives: hope, joy, confidence. True hope, true joy, true confidence.

It starts with INSPIRATION: God speaking and breathing life into us. . . it’s the truth that sets us free so that we can discover the next CHANGEadventure he has planned for us.

INSIGHT comes from deeply considering the implications for our lives. This is where our responsibility enters on to the scene: responding to what God has put before us in prayer, reflection, and study.

INTERRPUTION is the challenging of assumptions and the changing of patterns. We need to break free of all our destructive habits and histories. It is here that we emerge into our lives with a clear picture of what must absolutely happen. Stand up, stride forward.

Will it be easy? No.
Will we fail and miss the way? Undoubtedly.
Do we have any other choice?