GUEST POST by Jonathan McKee. Jonathan has become a regular guest blogger on this site! He is the author of numerous books including the brand new Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent, as well as youth ministry books like Connect: Real Relationships in a World of Isolation. You can find his excellent blog here.

A few years ago my friend Brian and I hosted a Super Bowl party with a bunch of young couples from the church. Brian came up with a little idea that added so much fun to the party, that I tried it in a youth ministry setting. Now I never have a Super Bowl party without it.

The idea was simple. Brian made a “Super Bowl Quiz” that people had to fill out quickly before the game began. This wasn’t some test only for football experts; it was a combination of basic football knowledge (how many points for a safety?) and predictions about the big game (Who will win the coin toss? Who will score first?). Brian also always threw in some questions that really didn’t have much to do with football (Will Pepsi or Coke have their commercial first? Who is performing at the halftime show?). All questions were multiple choice. All quizzes were collected before the coin toss.

During the game Brian would record the answers to the predictive questions (Who scored first? Etc.), thus, making the answer key. At the end of the game we’d tally the quizzes and award the winner with a fun little prize.

The quiz was always a blast. So I started taking Brian’s quizzes and posting them on my web site each year for youth workers around the country. Eventually my buddy Todd took over the quiz creation (He’s a Steelers fan. I’m praying for his salvation), and we have provided the quiz for free to youth workers for a decade now.

A few years ago a wrench was thrown in the works for churches that wanted to have Super Bowl parties. The NFL cracked down and began trying to regulate screen size and other elements. Luckily, most of that nonsense has now passed, but a few bizarre rules remain for churches, like, you can’t actually call it a “Super Bowl” party (you call it the “Big Game” party).

As for me… I can’t wait for the “Big Game” this Sunday. It’s an excuse to hang out with friends and family eating pizza and wings all day! Oh… and an excuse to use this year’s quiz, of course!

Question: What are you doing on Super Bowl Sunday? Share it here.

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