I’m not sure our little team of shipping elves were completely ready to get bombarded with 100’s of One Minute Bibles sold as a result of yesterday’s post… but they pulled it off by shipping as fast as they could!

We learned some great lessons from this sale: (1) price matters, (2) 50% off is a great sale, and (3) people are hungry to get teenagers in God’s Word–which is thrilling to my soul.

If you missed the details of the One Minute Bible sale (reg. $14.99… now, $7.99 till the end the of the year) you can read more about it here. This has been our best-selling product for 10+ years and I’m always so thrilled to get copies into the hands of youth workers. I know this is a great tool to get teenagers reading the Bible–for many of the reasons I listed in the previous post.

Here’s my challenge: ask your teenagers to read the Bible

[at least] one minute a day. If they want to read more, each day’s reading within the One Minute Bible has a related reading plan (which you can see as you scroll thru the sample below). In addition to every day’s Scripture reading, there is a “special feature” on every page (that I wrote): It’s either (1) a devotional, (2) a commentary, (3) a theological word defined in student-friendly language, biblical personality profiles, and unique, weird, and humorous facts.

Take a look for yourself…scroll thru the first several pages:

One Minute Bible Preview

If you want to go straight to the page where the One Minute Bible is located, click here:

Question: What do you do to get teenagers to read the Bible? Leave your comment here: