Funny story from back at the sound booth during one of the junior high services this weekend.

It was dark, because they were watching a video (Uncle Pete #3, actually) and I was eating an Almond Joy. It was about half eaten, and this student came up to me and gave me this huge hug – I told him he did a great job leading worship earlier and he thought the video was super funny.

It was a cool moment, but when we were done, I realized that the uneaten half of the Almond Joy was gone. I looked on the floor, I looked in the book rack nearby. I looked everywhere, and coulnd’t find it. Was it in the isle? Was it on the back of this student’s shirt? Had it flown into the crowd or into a fat kid’s open mouth?

I’m not sure where it landed or where it went, but I do know that someone had a chocolate surprise that night.