As I write this post, TV is filled with different types of 9/11 remembrances. Many different angles and memories are being reviewed.

For me, I’ll never forget 9/11 for a couple reasons::
……….(1) the amazing tragedy of the twin towers that will forever be seared into my mind (I saw it unfold while running on the treadmill at the gym), and
……….(2) the birth of Max McGill (the son of some of our best friends in the world: Matt & Misha).

In the midst of evil, death and chaos…a beautiful boy was born to incredible parents. It was an amazing picture of life in the midst of death!

Another picture of a new life connection to 9/11 has to do with the birth of a new church and two of my youth ministry heroes. One hero is Gregg Farah, who was on my youth staff until he left us to go start a church less than a mile from Ground Zero. A second hero is Ryan Holladay, the new pastor of that NYC church. Ryan grew up in our youth ministry and is one of the sharpest teenagers I’ve ever known.

Here’s a piece on these two guys and their church from The Christian Post:

[Gregg] Farah saw the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers as many did on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, on TV.
“As a New Yorker and as a future church planter I just started calculating the thousands of people that were in those buildings and I was imagining the worst,” he recalled. Shortly after the attacks, flights in the United States including those scheduled to New York were grounded for two days, and travel was still limited in the days to come. However, Farah was one of the first from California to arrive in New York after 9/11.

For the rest of the story about Gregg’s experience and what the church and Pastor Ryan are doing today, GO HERE.

Question: What did you do to remember 9/11 at your church?