DYM makes your life easier!

Download Youth Ministry was created by youth ministry veterans Doug Fields and Josh Griffin to help youth workers solve many of the weekly and monthly problems that they knew so well. At just $19.99 a month you are going to freak out when you realize how much money and time it’s going to save you (not to mention make you/your ministry look GOOD).

If you’re curious about the membership, here are 9 ways a membership can make your life easier:

{{cta(‘448afe94-ffe0-4421-b698-58c327456b21′,’justifyleft’)}} Fun Group Games

The membership provides users with a fun group game every month. Games take more time to prepare than than 5 course meal and they rarely turn out how you plan (as youth workers, we speak from experience!). Leave the game creating to us.  We are always learning from our members about which games are most fun and trying to think how we can leverage the magic of technology to create more valuable games. Our members are the first to receive the most ridiculous (and awesome) games that we can create!




{{cta(‘95205cef-df4e-4a6c-9b9b-41478a85cf93′,’justifyright’)}} Awesome Video 
Each month, we create an exclusive video just for members to use in their ministries! They range from an encouraging short about breaking bad habits to a nonsensical skydiving banana with a jetpack… some are funny, some are serious… all of them are good! 





{{cta(‘cbb92c7d-7a5b-4bd1-a00a-193e823b6d7b’,’justifyleft’)}}10 Minute Volunteer Training Video
Order some pizza, sit around a table, and watch a 10 minute training from Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, or another experienced youth worker. Your volunteers will love you for helping them get better equipped, encouraged, and prepared to serve students.

We  will handle the training, you just have to press play and make sure to order the right toppings!





Group Texting
We all know students aren’t listening to announcements from stage, right? Let’s face it, if you want them to register for camp on time, you’re going to have to text reminders.

It’s hard to know if your students are really paying attention. With the amount of distractions your students have today, chances are that very important thing you said moments ago was missed. Never fear, the DYM membership has you covered with a free group texting plan with our DYMtext app!



{{cta(‘2a162b3c-0806-4cd2-be07-7d952b313023′,’justifyleft’)}} Parent Newsletter App
Without parents, you wouldn’t have students in your ministry! Keep them informed and encouraged using our Parent Newsletter Builder. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a colorful PDF complete with a welcome letter from you, important event info that you provide, and relevant articles that we provide for your parents! You’ll look like a total hero!





{{cta(’61ec31f5-8aa9-4ea6-bafb-42ed5028a801′,’justifyright’)}}Audio Mentoring MP3 
The next time you’re out taking the church van for its monthly wash and fill-up, use the 20 minutes to listen to the DYM Mentor Me mp3. Each month, we interview a different leader in youth ministry and capture their wisdom. Leaders are learners and we encourage you to keep leading and keep those vans running well.






Student Leadership
We believe students need to be given leadership opportunities before they graduate so they don’t graduate from the church. Every month we provide an incredible student leadership resources that you can use with a team or student or simply give it to one and meet with him/her to take them to the next level. Improve the student leadership team you have now or start building one!



{{cta(‘781a79bb-aa58-4ad3-9cd5-119e417e212b’,’justifyright’)}}Mystery Resource
The Mystery Resource is something new every month! We’ve had incredible downloads from partnering ministries, major discounts on conferences, and amazing curriculums! This month? You’ll have to become a member to find out!

[And… the zinger!]



{{cta(‘cf08859f-202e-4e01-b5ae-045a885d01b8′,’justifyleft’)}} $20 Store Credit
You pay only $19.99 a month for a DYM membership and we want to give it right back to you so you can get even more resources for your ministry and not obliterate you budget (we know some of you are saying, “What’s a budget?”). Every week we add 4-6 new resources from our authors that add into the 1000+ resources you can choose from. 

What are you waiting for? Become a member now!