Whew. Been a very long week, and it’s just Thursday night. Here’s a few of the plates that are spinning these days:

PDYM Student Leadership Programming – Met today with some of the HSM/Wildside staff to go over the upcoming conference. We’re jamming the 4 days with plenty of videos, skits, songs and activities. We’ve got a very talented team pulling this one off, we settle on the main schedule next week then pitch it to the rest of the group. Starting to really shape up good for our first pilot event.

Booked Something Like Silas – A great band from San Diego, they’ll be with us all week leading songs as well as performing one concert. This is a big score for this small of an event (

Booked Dana Daniels – he’s part magician, part bird handler. He’s totally funny, and we’re working to get him into the opening act of Student Leadership.

Student Leadership Article for Ministry Toolbox – Matt McGill and I wrote a 1,000-word column for Pastor Rick’s Ministry Toolbox on Student Leadership. It’s called Jumpstarting Student Leaders in Your Ministry or something like that, I’ll be sure to link to it when they take it live. We shot a pretty funny author shot today in a palm tree.

PDYM Newsletter – Sent out the June issue of the PDYM Neighborhood. It had a new poll on MySpace and blogging, a great article by Kevin Valentine on discouragement, and freebies for graduation. I’m happy with this particular issue, I think it’s beginning to gain some traction. Neely does such a great job with community.

40|40|40 Sale at Simply – I spent the better part of Sunday putting up the big sale, and the better part of Wednesday taking it down. What goes up, must come down. Lots of work, but I love getting great resources into the hands of youth pastors. The discount doesn’t hurt, either. Lots of work though!

Started the PDYM 2007 Promo Video Project – As I mentioned in an earlier post, I met with a dude from the PS3 team at Sony who is volunteering to do the PDYM 2007 promo video. Sweet!

So somewhere close to 40 hours for Simply this week, and maybe 20ish for PDYM. Did some Passion stuff in the cracks, and concentrated on all other available free time to be with the family, have a 10-year anniversary and such.

Who needs sleep?