Small group leaders have huge roles in students lives. It is always very important to make sure clear rolls are laid out and what is expected of all of our leaders when it comes to leading a small group. This post is an excerpt from our leader manual we give to our leaders at the beginning of our year:

As a Life Group Leader you are …

1. …a Spiritual Leader

  • WALK WITH GOD: Active in your faith & a growing believer
  • IN COMMUNITY YOURSELF: Pursuing healthy, godly friendships & relationships in your life
  • FAITHFUL: Attend a regular church service
  • MODEL: Actively pursuing accountability in your life

2. …a Youth Pastor

  • You are responsible for the spiritual guidance of your group!
  • Know WHO your students are – their name is their most valuable asset.
  • Know WHERE they are struggling – listen and get into their world.
  • Know WHAT truth they need to hear – discern and pray for God’s leading.
  • Know WHEN they need to be challenged – look for situations and opportunities to influence.
  • Know WHY someone missed life group, and follow up – be involved, care.

3. …a Member of the HSM Team

  • Committed to HSM values & vision
  • Supportive of HSM leadership
  • Marketing HSM events and program.
  • Represent our entire ministry to parents and members

4. …Administrative

  • Good Communication is key with parents, students and host homes
  • Weekly check-in with HSM staff through
  • Create tools such as a calendar, weekly e-mail, etc. to keep in touch with your group
  • Develop detailed plans for small group outings/functions
  • Read the HSM weekly e-mail and the HSM blog ( for updates on the ministry

5. …the Facilitator and Teacher

  • Prepare and teach the study in your small group
  • Provide opportunities for students to dive into God’s Word
  • Challenge students to take the next spiritual step
  • Allow students to talk, share and lead discussion

6. …Relationally-Minded

  • Be an encourager
  • Follow-up when students are missing
  • Phone calls, letters, e-mails
  • Spend outside time with your students
  • Do group outings to build community in your group
  • Remember their birthday, their big test, their sports debut, their prom, etc.